Microwave System Upgrades

Microwave System Upgrades

AMTek provides several upgrades to enhance the operation of your equipment. These robust assemblies have been designed as cost-effective kits to help you minimize system downtime and maximize production.

External W/W Heat exchanging system
AMTek provides external heat exchanger kits for upgrades from the internal tank systems. We also provide replacement tank kits for the installation of externally removable heat exchanger assemblies.

AMTek Filament power supply
AMTek provides a solid state filament power supply kit for replacement of your Spellman power supply. This robust assembly will provide steady filament current, to help extend magnetron life. This package is provided with a 18 month full replacement warranty.

AMTek Solenoid Power Supply
AMTek provides a solid state solenoid power supply, eliminating the motor driven power stat assembly. This new supply is available for PLC-controlled systems, and allows for digital control of the solenoid current levels.

Magnetron Flow Sensor Kit
The magnetron flow sensor kit can prevent magnetron failures caused by cooling flow problems.

High Powered Circulator Assembly
AMTek supplies high-powered circulator assemblies for factory replacement.

Transmitter PLC Retrofit Assembly
AMTek provides system upgrade kits for the conversion of the relay logic transmitters to PLC control. Using a package of Allen Bradley flex-logix hardware, we convert your system to state-of-the-art controls. Call today for complete details on this package.

Give us a call for more information on any of these system upgrades!

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