Microwave Vision Systems

Microwave Vision Systems

Microwave Vision SystemsThe AMTek vision system was designed for automated control of the microwave power level in a single or multiple stage conveyorized oven system. High speed monitoring of the load on the input side is tracked through the system and will automatically adjust the power level for each cavity as the load changes in each cavity. The system will load and unload itself.

The AMTek vision system is based upon a Cognex industrial camera assembly and a LED light bar. The LED light bar is available in a variety of colors. The light bar color is chosen based on the color of belt being used and is chosen to create the greatest contrast between the belt and the product. The primary benefit is in the automated power levels to load changes.

The benefits of using the AMTek vision system include:

  • Precise oven load to power ratios.
  • More consistent cook than any other loading method.
  • More consistent cook = Less cost per pound to cook.
  • Less over/under cooking.
  • More #1 product.
  • Decrease in cavity arcs.
  • Longer belt life.
  • Longer flange and cover life.
  • Decrease in reflected power.

Key Features:

  • With power to load ratios being so critical the vision system automatically compensates for product voids on the belt.
  • For use on either Ethernet based systems, or through hard wired inputs on older PLC controlled systems.
  • An Ethernet based assembly that can be monitored in real time from a personal computer via networking.
  • Multiple zones lanes programmed on the software for monitoring the different pixel variations.
  • Power is automatically adjusted according to the amount of pixels calculated for each section or zone on the belt, that section or zone is then tracked through the entire system adjusting system power accordingly.
  • LED Light bar is estimated to last for 100,000 operational hours.
  • Nema 4x camera enclosure with air pressurized design.
  • Cognex b/w or color Industrial Camera assembly with Ethernet communications.
  • Polycarbonate Light Bar tubing design with air pressurized feature.
  • Complete Stainless Steel hood assembly for custom fitting onto the customers input frame weldment.
  • Available in full line of conveyor widths, or in dual belt systems.
  • Microwave system operational software allows for either “Vision” or “Manual” control.
  • Oven software package will indicate a “Failed” mode in a set zone. This reduction in load will be indicated by oven power level modification as this “Reduced Load” passes through the entire microwave zone.
  • Complete simple assembly ready to connect to the main oven control assembly.

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