Microwave Transmitters

Microwave Transmitters

The AMTek Microwave Transmitter assembly provides a dependable source for industrial microwave power. Designed using the latest AB controls hardware with flexible design and construction, to provide you with a unit ideal for virtually any application requiring microwave power.

The AMTek Microwave Transmitter can be used as a single, self-contained microwave power unit, where it delivers power levels from 5 to 75 kW’s continuous rated duty. Or it can be used in combination with other AMTek transmitters to provide “networked” microwave power to any processes requiring higher power levels. Our transmitters are compatible with any other applicator requiring the need for microwave power.

Key Features:

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AMT Series Transmitters
  • Transmitter controls hardware accessed without entering the main enclosure.
  • “Open” interior design over traditional hardware.
  • Digital control of the external cooling loop water usage.
  • AMTek solid state filament and solenoid power supplies.
  • Available in remote I/O or standalone control hardware configurations.
  • Complete finger safe construction.
  • Din Rail and wire duct construction for ease of modification.
  • High powered circulator assembly.
  • External heat exchanger system with removable union fittings installed.
  • Complete package of interlocks monitoring the entire transmitters operation.
  • Analog metering of the anode and solenoid current levels.
  • Dual disconnects with shut trips for the highest level of operator safety.
  • Optional standalone configuration with Panelview 700 touch panel in the control panel front.

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