Microwave Tempering Systems

Microwave Tempering Systems

Microwave Tempering EquipmentThe AMT4400 continuous tempering system is designed to meet our customers’ highest expectations in product tempering. The entire system has been completely redesigned from the ground up to a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry. Packed with features, it provides the most automated tempering system available today – at a cost comparable to the competition.

The heart of the system is a UL-listed Allen Bradley Ethernet-based PLC assembly, packaged with all the hardware needed to run the system with up to four transmitter assemblies. The software provides the most sophisticated controls, yet total ease of operation. The UL-listed control system provides complete control over the entire tempering process from the main

Panelview 1250 display. The system software provides complete monitoring of the tempering process and allows safe and easy operation of the equipment by any of your operators. The complete system is powered using up to four of the AMT7510 microwave transmitter assemblies.

Some of the advantages of using AMTek’s microwave tempering equipment include:

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4000 Series Tempering Oven
  • The newest and most sophisticated microwave tempering oven available in the world today
  • AB modem assembly included for software updates and access to the entire systems operation
  • Entire system constructed from stainless steel materials
  • Higher quality food products to your customers
  • Reduction in raw materials levels by substantially reduced tempering times
  • Reduction in raw material handling requirements
  • Adds flexibility to processing by allowing tempering on demand
  • CE option for Europe

AMTek takes your installation requirements and provides complete facility layouts, detailing oven location, utility requirements and location, making the installation a part of our commitment to your specific needs. We also offer as options to your equipment complete support hardware including:

  • Mezzanine assemblies designed, manufactured and certified by a structural engineer
  • Carrier industrial chillers systems for closed loop glycol cooling requirements
  • Belt Washer Systems
  • High velocity blower assemblies
  • Spare parts assemblies

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