Heated Vessel System

Heated Vessel System

heated vessel systemUsing microwave energy as the heat source, all of the energy being applied to the heating process is going directly into the load. The system is heating throughout the entire load and not from the transfer of heat on a surface contact point.

This AMTek exclusive vessel provides fast, efficient and uniform heating of the product being processed. Using the PLC controls package common to all of our industrial systems this vessel will provide the user indefinite choices in the heating profile needed batch after batch.

Heating made “Simple | Clean | Efficient | Precise”

Some of the advantages of using AMTek’s microwave vessel include:

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MWV Series Vertical Vessel

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WaveMix Series Horizontal Vessel
  • Available in virtually any vessel size.
  • From years of experience in the use of microwave systems consumable costs have shown to be very low annually.
  • Have complete control of virtually any heating schedule, with pin point time and temperature accuracy of any process heating schedule needed.
  • Complete and accurate PLC based “Recipe” control of the entire process with +/- 1 deg. C temperature control.
  • No conventional heating sources needed from this self contained system.
  • Lower the heat load in the process room as there is no vessel or heat exchangers needed for heat transfer; all of the heating is only to the product being processed.
  • Approx. 87% efficient from the energy being used for the microwave system.
  • Instant process on and off control with only 3 minutes warm up to processing.
  • No surface scalding common to conventional jacket or paddle heating vessels.
  • Total PLC digital touch screen control of the entire heating, pumping, agitation, and microwave operation.
  • Reduced process time in achieving temperatures over conventional kettles by up to 66%.
  • Product agitation using pumping and or mechanical stirring available.
  • Uniform heating of the entire batch eliminating product overheating from typical contact system typically used today.
  • Will process virtually any types of liquids or sauces fast and efficiently, and computer controlled consistency from batch to batch.
  • Operation of the power levels in 1kw increments for pin point accuracy of the energy needed to maintain complete control.
  • Product Flow, Temperature all monitored from the main control assembly touch screen.
  • Microwave safe vessel design from the world leader in Industrial systems.
  • Power pulsing feature for temperature holding periods or to soften the overall heating profile.

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