Whether you need replacement parts for your existing transmitters, cooking ovens, tempering ovens, control systems, or if you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, or even if you’re looking into new equipment altogether, AMTek has everything you need. We have a broad range of spare parts on our shelves ready to ship out, as we know how important it is for your equipment to be up and running at full capacity at all times!

Product List

Microwave TransmittersMicrowave Transmitters: The AMTek Microwave Transmitter assembly provides a dependable source for industrial microwave power. Designed using the latest AB controls hardware with flexible design and construction, to provide you with a unit ideal for virtually any application requiring microwave power.

AMT Series Transmitters PDF

Cables and Harnesses:Cables and Harnesses: In addition to building our own harnesses and controls, AMTek will custom build cables and harnesses for other OEMS. With the tools in-house AMTek has the ability of making the process quicker and more efficient.

Microwave TemperingMicrowave Tempering Systems: The AMT4400 continuous tempering system is designed to meet our customers’ highest expectations in product tempering. The entire system has been completely redesigned from the ground up to a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry.

4000 Series Tempering Oven PDF

Continuous Cooking SystemsContinuous Cooking Systems: AMTek Microwave Cooking Systems are the perfect choice for preheating and cooking a variety of food products. Complete microwave cooking of bacon strips and other toppings has quickly become the preferred industry standard.

MWO Series Pin Choke Oven PDF

Microwave Control SystemsMicrowave Control Systems: At AMTek we produce control systems with each customer’s specific requirements in mind. AMTek will assist in the design/layout of the control assembly using the latest available technology to meet our customer’s needs.

Heated Vessel SystemsMicrowave Heated Vessel System: This AMTek exclusive vessel provides fast, efficient and uniform heating of the product being processed.

MWV Series Vertical Vessel PDF
WaveMix Series Horizontal Vessel PDF

Batch SystemsAMTek Batch Systems: The AMT2142 continuous batch system is designed to meet our customers’ highest expectations in product tempering.

2000 Series Batch Ovens PDF

Service PartsMicrowave System Service Parts: We know how important it is for your line to be up and running at full capacity at all times.

System UpgradesSystem Upgrades: AMTek provides several upgrades to enhance the operation of your equipment.

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