U.S. Distributors

U.S. Distributors

From a basic tempering line to a fully integrated custom microwave system, AMTek’s distributors in the United States will help you configure a microwave system that meets your specific needs.

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Cellencor Logo
2701 SE Convenience Blvd.
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Website: http://www.cellencor.com/
Phone: (515) 451-2041

Cellencor offers a full range of testing and service options to handle both small startups and large industrial installations. With applications ranging from chocolate to ceramics, soy beans to freshly cut herbs, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss a complimentary demo at our test facility or an onsite rental to evaluate microwaves in your process line.

Industries: Bulk drying, Specialty applications, Industrial and Agricultural processing.

Marion Mixers

Marion Mixers Logo
Marion Mixers
3575 3rd Avenue
Marion, IA 52302

Sales Contact: Nick Burkle
Email: burklen@marionmixers.com
Website: www.marionmixers.com

Marion Mixers manufactures mixing, blending and drying equipment for the processing industries. Our experience as a custom design capital equipment manufacturer has enabled us to design, fabricate and assemble processing equipment involving over 1,000 different product applications. New product innovation, plant expansions and cost reduction initiatives drive demand for our products.

Industries: Our core areas of expertise are in the food, plastic, chemical and mineral industries. We also have extensive experience within other industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, coatings and animal feed. The recycling industry and waste-to-energy bio-solids and biomass feedstock mixing and drying are other growth industries for our company.

Burch BioWave

Burch BioWave
17860 Ankneytown Road
Fredericktown, OH 43019

Contact: Shelly Wenger or Mike Burch
Tel: 800-548-8694
Email: swinger@burchbiowave.com
Email: mburch@burchbiowave.com
Website: www.burchbiowave.com

The Burch BioWave® is a patented high-efficiency process utilizing a duel-fueled microwave system to remove water or other liquid from a variety of waste materials. The Burch BioWave ® has municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications and is recognized by the SEPA as a system capable of producing Exceptional Quality Biosolids. The process eliminates pathogen content while reducing weight and volume of the material. The end product is environmentally safe and nutrient rich and has a variety of beneficial uses. Our qualified staff can design a unique system tailored to your specific needs. We place special focus on quality customer service and product innovation to create a cost-effective solution for waste management in today’s world.

Industries: Public Utilities, asphalt contractors as well as State and Federal entities such as the Department of Transportation.

RMF Steel

RMF Steel
RMF Steel
Contact: Ron Mickey
Phone: 813-855-0556
Website: http://www.rmfsteel.com/

RMF is a multi-faceted company with diverse interests. RMF represents certain lines of equipment, one of which is AMTek microwave tempering and cooking ovens. They manufacture standard lines of food processing and handling equipment and incorporate them into a broad range of turn-key processing systems. They also manufacture proprietary equipment and systems for other companies’ specific needs.

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